Our council is committed to:

  • Foster, promote and enhance 'all inclusive' bilateral trade, cultural and business relations between Australia and Argentina. 
  • Build sound and solid bilateral 'business', diplomatic and political relationships between the regions of Australasia, Latin America and the Pacific rim region which may serve as 'links and bridges' to benefit both regions. 
  • Promote, enhance and build the cultural and artistic expressions of the above mentioned regions.  To serve as enablers of events and activities to support trade and business initiatives from all interested parties that seek AABC membership. 
  • The AABC will network with all Chambers of Commerce, Business Councils, Government Agencies and Diplomatic agencies involved in the promotion of trade relations and other international links in both countries. 

Our areas of focus:

  • Culture & Arts and the creation of events and activities that will eventually bring the two counties closer. 
  • Facilitation and stimulation of tourism, education, sports, mining, energy, livestock, Agri-Business and professional services. 
  • Bilateral Trade Missions with individuals, small groups and large corporations. 
  • Exports and imports of goods and services. 
  • Bilateral education and sporting exchange programs for young men and women (aged between 14 and 17).



  • Honorary Chairman: HE Dr Hugo Javier Gobbi (Ambassador of the Argentine Republic)
  • Co-Founder and Patron: Mr Rod McGeoch AM (Honorary Consul of Luxemburg)
  • Co-Founder and Chairman: Mr David Mason (CEO, Dark Horse Resources)
  • Co-Founder and MD: Mr Enrique Edgardo Rodriguez Basi (Executive Chair, AATP Alliance)
  • Company Secretary: Ms Romina Gambarrutta (Director, AUKA Resource Solutions)
  • Honorary Treasurer: Ms Pru Maclean (Director, DGR Global)
  • Cultural Director: Prof. Estela Valverde (Spanish & Latin American Studies, Macquarie University)
  • Director: Mr Max Prentice (Director, BPS Recovery)


Directors' Appointments (to be Confirmed on 31/03/2017)

  • Agribusiness & Sciences Director: Dr Luciana Porfirio (Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship, CSRIO)
  • Foreign Affairs & Trade Director: Dr Ruth Adler (Ex-Career Diplomat)
  • CFO and Governance Director: Mr David Delaporte (Strategic Corp. Adviser, FCPA FFin, GIA)
  • Director, Victoria State Leader: (TBC)
  • Director, Queensland Country Leader: Ms Rosa Rother


ACT State Team

  • State Leader/Director: Dr Ruth Adler
  • Dr Luciana Porfirio (CSIRO)
  • Dr Tim Fischer AM (CSIRO, Fellow Crawford Fund)
  • Dr Gonzalo Estavillo (CSIRO)
  • Mr John Kerin AM (Fellow, Crawford Fund)
  • Dr Juan Pablo Guerschmann (CSIRO)
  • Mr Nicolas Arroyo (Argentine Embassy)
  • Mr Juan Bautista Carballo (Argentine Embassy)
  • PUENTE AUSTRAL TEAM (Argentine Rural Schools Solidarity Assn.)


Queensland State Team

  • State Leader/Director: Ms Romina Gambarrutta
  • Mr David Mason (CEO, Dark Horse Resources)
  • Ms Pru Maclean (Director, DGR Global)
  • Mr Stuart Neal (Director DGR Global)
  • Mr Nick Mather (Chairman, DGR Global)
  • Mr Karl Schlobohm (Director, Dark Horse Resources)
  • Mr Michael Mullins (Company Director)
  • Mr Andrew Slack AM
  • Mr Christopher Roche (Roche Legal)


Queensland Country Team

  • State Leader/Director: Ms Rosa Rother (TBC)
  • Dr Fernanda Dreccer
  • TBC


NSW State Team

  • State Leader & National Managing Director: Enrique Edgardo Rodriguez Basi
  • Mr Max Prentice (BPS Recovery)
  • Prof. Estela Valverde (Macquarie University)

Victoria State Team

  • State Leader/Director: TBC
  • TBC - TL
  • TBC - AE


South Australia State Team

  • State Leader/Director: TBC
  • La Boca Restaurant
  • Lord Nelson Brewerey and Hotel


Western Australia State Team

  • State Leader/Director: TBC
  • Candidates TBC: TH - JW - ND - NP - RV


Buenos Aires Office

  • C/O Oliva + Nicastro Lawyers — Mr Gonzalo Oliva Nicastro


Corporate Advisers Team

  • Hon. Michael Yabsley (Chairman, Wombat Hollow Forum)
  • Hon. Nick Greiner AC (Chair, European Australian Business Council)
  • Hon. Andrew Robb (Former Trade Minister/MD, Andrew Robb P/L)
  • Hon. John Kerin AM (Former Foreign Trade Adviser)
  • Mr Alan B. Jones AO (2GB Director and Broadcaster/Former Wallaby Coach 1984-1987)
  • Mr Nick Farr Jones AM (1991 RWC Captain /Director, Taurus Funds Management)
  • Dr Tony Fischer AM (CSRIO Honorary Research Fellow/Crawford Fund Coordinator, ACT
  • Hon. Sandra Nori (Company Director/The Duke of Edinburgh International Awards)
  • Mr Nicholas Whitlam (Chair, Port Kembla Authority)
  • Mr John Wylie AM (Australian Sports Commission/Chair, Tanarra Capital)
  • Mr Bruce Collett (Chairman, Fortius Funds Management)
  • Mr Arthur Porter (Company Director)
  • Mr Pat Slattery (Chairman, Slattery Auctions)
  • Ms Deborrah Lambourne (Director Corporate Structure, Compliance, Governance)
  • Mr Bruce Ross (CEO, Sydney University Sports Association)
  • Mr Gonzalo Oliva Beltran (Partner, Oliva Nicastro Lawyers, Buenos Aires)
  • Mr Nick Mather (Chairman DGR Global)
  • Mr Stuart Neal (Director, DGR Global/Dark Horse Resources)
  • Mr Brian Moller (Partner,  Hopgood Ganim Lawyers)
  • Mr Michele Musciullo (Partner, Hopgood Ganim Lawyers)
  • Mr Bruce Humphrys (Partner, Hopgood Ganim Lawyers)
  • Mr Michael Mullins (Director, Valesco Capital)
  • Mr Justin Callanan (Director, Piermarq Gallery)
  • Mr Rob Russell (Director, Piermarq Gallery)
  • Ms Robyn Smith (Director, Movidas Journeys)
  • Mr Steve Whan (Director, ACCI)
  • Mr Bryan Clark (Director Tourism, ACCI)
  • Ms Kathryn Greiner (Director, Gabane Pty Ltd)
  • Mr Mike Schoettler (Director, Sales Sense P/L)
  • Mr Karl Schlobohm (Director, DGR Global)
  • Mr Rod Commins (Partner, PHC Law)
  • Mr Alan Whitehead (Director, Premier Partners Finance)
  • Mr John Micalizzi (Director, Command Home Loans)
  • Mr Blair Hayden (Publican & Owner, The Lord Nelson Hotel & Brewery )
  • Mr Bruce Rowley (Director, Greengage Consultants)
  • Mr Mal McLean (Director, Wines Consultant and Fly-Fishing Expert)
  • Ms Dy Webb-Green (Real Estate Specialist Adviser)
  • Mr John Tierney (Director, Hospitality Consultant)
  • Mr Owen Payton (Director, Hospitality Consultant)
  • Mr Christopher Roche (Ex-Wallaby Captain, Chairman, Roche Legal)


Members and Partners


I) — Platinum

II) — Gold

III) — Silver

IV) — Bronze

  • AATP Alliance (A Division of ERConsulting), Carlton NSW
  • Piermarq Gallery, Paddington NSW



  • Mr Neil Stuart (Geologist, Director, Dark Horse Resources)
  • Prof Estela Valverde (Company/Director, Macquarie University)
  • Mr David Delaporte (Company Director)
  • Mr Tony DiBello (Director, BIC Services)
  • David Mason (Geologist/Director, Dark Horse Resources)
  • Dr Luciana Porfirio (CSIRO)
  • Dr Ruth Adler (Ex-Diplomat, Company Director)
  • Mr John Micalizzi (Director, Command Home Loans)