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The AABC Celebrates its 2nd year of existence in style!

On 3rd October 2018, our AABC celebrated its 2nd Anniversary at the distinguished Piermarq Art Gallery in Paddington, with a well-attended and amenable cocktail party. Among our local friends and dignitaries were:

Mr Raul Pelaez (Consul General of Argentina); Mr Nick Farr-Jones (ex-Wallaby Captain) and Charles Loxton (Taurus Funds Management); Mr Paul Lindholm (Litigation Funder, Phoenix Capital); Mr John MT Mitchell (Lawyer and Investment Banker); Andy Williams (Developer); Ray Aitken (Wentworth Galleries); Mr David Mason (Co-Founder, Chairman, AABC and Dark Horse CEO); Prof. Estela Valverde and Dr Ruth Adler (both AABC Directors. Also renown artist Mr Guy Morgan; Ms Anne-Marie Frost (Major Events Coordinator and Marriage Celebrant); Dr Bruce Ross (Economist and Former President, Sydney University Sports Assn, Economist); Mr Oscar Cilli (AABC Member and Aerolineas Argentinas Representative); Mrs Beckton and Mr Beckton (Director, Dark Horse Resources, Silver Corporate Members); Ms Romina Pistelli (AABC Project Manager); Mr Michael Chandler, Director PrimeXconnect and AABC Corporate Member; Mr Enrique TOPO Rodriguez, AABC Co-Founder and MD and several other friends of our AABC.

A very especial thank you go to Messrs. Rob Russell and Justin Callanan, Directors of PIERMARQ Gallery (our Silver Corporate Member and Benefactors of our AABC) who have been instrumental in our beginnings and great supporters of our 2nd year anniversary celebrations at their comfortable and cosy venue, surrounded of original and fascinating pieces of art.

The AABC Board of Directors salute our guests and members for their wholehearted and generous support.

Here are some photos of our commemoration: